Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Configure Audio/Video

It is very important to understand audio configuration in Lync. This will ensure that you are able to hear your phone ring, and have a good audio experience when in a call. 
Select the “Audio Device Settings” option from the bottom left menu:

Ensure you have a speaker, microphone and ringer configured. Use the play buttons to test your configuration:

If you have 2 audio devices you may want to also enable the “Secondary ringer” option. This is particularly useful if your primary device is a headset, and you would like to set your PC speaker as the ringer. It is also advisable to “Unmute” when the phone rings:

If you have a camera configure this from the “Video Device” options. Select the device from the drop down menu and make sure it is working in the preview window:

Please note:  If your image flickers a lot, click “Camera Settings” and change the “PowerLine Frequency” to 50 Hz:

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