Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dial-in Conferencing

Dial-in Conferencing allows you to set up and maintain your own conference room where you can invite anyone to join using Lync or a standard phone.

Register to use dial-in confernecing

If you intend to host or attend a conference call with external parties, you will need to set your PIN, Passcode and Conference ID in the Dial-in Conferencing system.
When you dial in from a phone you will be given the chance to enter your PIN to enter as the leader.  Please note:  When calling from Lync you will be automatically authenticated so a PIN is not required.  
To configure Dial-in Conferencing select the cog menu then “Tools” – “Dial-in Conferencing Settings”.

Click “Sign-in” and enter your Lync credentials:

If this is the first time you have logged in your will be asked to create a PIN number:

Note your unique conference information and the available dial-in numbers:

Use your “Phone Number” or “Phone Extension” to identify yourself when dialling in and your PIN to authenticate:

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