How do I change my password?
Click here and enter the requested information.

How can I download the Lync software?
Click here for more information on Lync client software downloads.

If I need support, where do I call?
End users: Check with your internal IT department first. If you have a contract with Lexel, you can call our Lync helpdesk on 09 4141 776 or email us by clicking here.

IT Managers: Lexel can provide Level 2/3/4 support contracts to customers, including MS Premier level escalation. Please contact your Lexel account manager for more information.

How do I get more training?
Check out our training videos or Lexel can provide one on one training sessions for individuals or groups, including cut over 'walk the floor' assistance. Please contact your Lexel account manager for more information.

We have recently added more employees at work, or changed location and now my Lync reliability is intermittent.
Lync is highly reliant upon a correctly sized internet circuit (or direct circuit). If its sized incorrectly, configured incorrectly, or dependencies such as number of employees etc changes, the Lync service and reliability will be compromised. Please see you IT department for advice.

I want to learn more about Lync services offered by Lexel
If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with Lync, check the Lync section on our website - http://www.lexel.co.nz/lync/

I want to lean more about Lexel
If you would like to know more about Lexel checkout our website - http://www.lexel.co.nz/